HTML Email Body

HTML Body Resetting for HTML Email

There are some basic methods in website development that we can carry over to email development when it comes to setting up our HTML document as our design canvas. Adding a “reset” to the body tag of our document makes it so there is any unwanted spacing or style declarations added to our design by default by email clients and web browsers if our email design is viewed on the web. Here is the preferred <body> tag reset:

<body style="Margin:0;padding:0;min-width:100%;">

Inside of the body tag, using the style attribute, what we’ve done is removed any inherent margin and padding in addition to making sure our email template design takes up 100% of the available width. You’ll also notice that the reference to margin has a capitol “M” in it and that’s because Outlook for Windows requires the capitalization for proper rendering. You also have the option to set a background color to the body tag which will reflect the background color outside of your email template in the email client’s message body.

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